Meals at Mertens House

Meals at Mertens House are delicious and beautiful.

Mertens House Meals

All menus are planned and supervised by a registered dietician.  The Dietician meets with all residents on a regular basis to assure they are getting adequate nutrition and meals that they enjoy.

Breakfast includes a variety of hot or cold cereal, fresh fruit, eggs, toast, muffins, French toast and pancakes with maple syrup provided by a local farm.  Dinner, our big meal of the day, is at noontime and consists of a variety of mouthwatering creations by our chefs including; lamb roast, pork loin, meatloaf, steaks, and many more resident favorites.  The evening supper consists of lighter fare including homemade soups, sandwiches and quiche.  We incorporate fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade cookies and pies into our everyday menus.

Mertens House pays careful attention to resident specific dietary requirements and/or food textures as prescribed by the attending physician.

Nutritious snacks and drinks are available to all residents at all times.


This incredible gourmet meal served at noon one day recently consists of

lightly battered sea bass, mashed parsnips, and vegatable risotto,

topped with cherried onions.



Delicious lunch
Lamb Roast, served with garlic mashed potatoes and diced beets.
Noon meal
Haddock on a bed of mashed potatoes in a base of homemade clam chowder, topped with parsnip curls.


Our chef created this scrumptious Crespellini. It is made of cream cheese, sausage and spinach in a puff pastry with sides of green beans and mashed sweet potatoes.
Lemon zest adds a unique and amazing complexity to this Shrimp Stir-Fry.