Love Is In The Air

February 14, 2020

Our flower arranging project this week focused on Valentine’s Day.

We arranged red and white carnations with baby’s breath and greens and then added a valentine pick to finish it off. Homemade Valentines graced our tables at lunch time and a special brownie heart dessert was served after our meal. Valentine cards have been coming in at a steady rate. The elevator has also been decorated for this month of love.

We must not forget the birthdays of two of our presidents this month as well. Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Remember when they weren’t combined to President’s Day?

Richard Atwood stopped by to visit Fran Gillett and bring her some of Bonnie’s homemade cookies. Gina Lancaster was in to see her father, John. Bobby and Trisha Sarnoff and Don and Gordon Ware visited often with their mother, Lillian. Also in to visit Lillian were Lillian Hatch and Sue Cass. John Fitzcharles, Connie Searl and her daughters, Lindsay and Briana were here for a few days to visit their mother and grandmother, Connie Fitzcharles. Kim and Sheila Murray were here to visit everyone. Karen and Gerry Hawkes brought their granddaughter, Esther, in to visit with Karen’s mother, Arlene Midgley. The rest of the Wolfe pack was in over the weekend. Amy, Dawn, Colleen and Gail LeBaron were in to see their mother, Doris.

Christian Scientist Society came on Sunday morning for Vespers.