Visitors and Other Exciting Happenings at Mertens House

Gail and Alan Doherty came on Wednesday to read poetry to us. It is so relaxing to hear someone read. I guess that is why we always read to our children before naps and bedtime.

The LeBaron girls, Dawn, Amy, Colleen and Gail, kept their mother, Doris, busy this week. Ham Gillett was here to see his mother, Fran. Lillian Ware enjoyed seeing her granddaughter, Amy and great granddaughter, Eden. Also in to visit with Lillian were her children, Gordon, Tricia and Bobby Sarnoff and their dog, Gracie and Don, Helen and Joel Ware. Richard, Gina and Jane Lancaster spent time with John Lancaster. Laura Brockett spent time with her father, John Lewis. Karen Hawkes and Gwen Groff visited with Arlene Midgley. Anne Herz stopped by to see Connie Fitzcharles.

We have been making some changes on our website and have added a few things, including this column. It will now be posted on a weekly basis. A few previous columns were added just to get it going. There is also a picture of our choir mouse. Hopefully, more pictures will be included as we get better and more comfortable with all this new technology. Practice makes perfect and we hope to get a lot of practice. Friday morning was spent doing flower arrangements for our dining tables. They are colorful and unique and we will enjoy them for the next week.

Happy February!