Mystery Solved at Mertens House

Things have been pretty quiet around here since the holidays are over. All the decorations have been put away and things are looking a little bare right now.
We are looking forward to a few more minutes of daylight each day.

Our next project is creating Valentines to send to our troops overseas. Work will continue on this and then we will mail them off.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the mysterious choir mouse that showed up at our front desk. For all of you that have sitting on the edge of your seats to find out where it came from, we have an answer. It was Mona Hoadley’s. She is not quite sure where she obtained it but wanted all to enjoy. She sits happily ready to sing at a moments notice.

Lillian Ware has enjoyed the company of great grandchildren and her own children as well, Gordon, Don and Trisha kept her busy this week. Other visitors for Lillian were Kathleen Coleman, Andy Carpenter, Sis Speer and Hatch. Gail Havill, Marie Bean and Arlene Wright spent time with Mona Hoadley. Norah Wolfe and Karen Hawkes were in to see her mother, Arlene Midgley. Gina and Richard Lancaster, Jane Lancaster and Jane Schmidlapp came in to visit with John Lancaster. Gwen Groff paid a call on Arlene Midgley this week.
Bridgewater Center Oak Chapel was here on Sunday for Vespers.